This is: palmmeadow

This is: palmmeadow
palmmeadow band photo


Genres: Indie, Dream Pop, Chillwave
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

palmmeadow was founded in November of 2022. For Tyler, a serial daydreamer, palmmeadow is a place where he escapes the everyday mundane; a peace of mind. It’s a place where he can express the inexpressible, in a way that normal conversations can’t portray. palmmeadow’s sound is unique in the fact that is is not solely inspired by one sound or genre, but by all of them. palmmeadow’s lyrics portray feelings of grief, loss, heartache, but also finding comfort in surrounding yourself with friends, loved ones, and nature. palmmeadow’s goal is providing solace to others who can relate in this cacophony of life.

palmmeadow is:
Tyler West
Starlin Browning
Noah Townsend
Jake Reosti

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Modern Chemistry, Head North, Grandview, Turnover

Check out the band's official links at


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