This is: Rotted Remains

This is: Rotted Remains
Rotted Remains band photo

Rotted Remains

Genres: Death Metal, Hardcore, Black Metal
Hometown: Panama City, FL

Sprouting from the fertile grounds of Panama City, Florida's music scene in 2018, Rotted Remains burst onto the scene with a fiery determination. Cory Keister, renowned from his time in Lustravi, joined forces with Reece Curtis, a seasoned musician with roots in Koffity and Cannabyss. Their musical chemistry was undeniable, and with the addition of Keith Keister (Turncoat), Tristan Reynolds(The Offer, No Convictions), and Ryan Plowman, the lineup was complete.

With a sonic concoction that marries the ferocity of classic death metal with the raw energy of hardcore and the dark allure of black metal, Rotted Remains doesn't just play music—they summon storms. Their live performances are a testament to their passion and skill, drawing in fans from all corners of the metal world. Get ready to be swept away by the relentless force of Rotted Remains.

Rotted Remains is:
Reece Curtis - Vocals
Cory Keister - Bass
Keith Keister - Guitar
Tristan Reynolds - Guitar
Ryan Plowman - Drums

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