This is: Josh Davis

This is: Josh Davis
Josh Davis artist photo

Josh Davis

Genres: Outlaw Country, Country,
Hometown: Crestview, FL

Josh Davis is a disabled veteran using country music to overcome PTSD/TBI. His soulful and transparent lyrics and baritone voice combine to form a musical experience, designed to take the listener on a journey to simpler times. Josh started playing music at age 7 and started performing at age 12. He has a heavily blues-influenced background, which surfaces with soul-touching lyrics. Josh was the drummer with Death Row Pardon, a Christian rock band in the late ’90s. Josh now plays country music which blends an old style of country music with new and modern sounds. The result is music that takes you away from the cares and concerns of the immediate world into a simpler time.

Josh is also a veteran of both the US Marine Corps and The Army and a father to six wonderful children

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