This is: Afterdusk

This is: Afterdusk


Genre: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Djent
Hometown: Mobile, AL

Afterdusk, a metalcore band hailing from Mobile, Alabama, tackles the difficult subject of dysfunctional relationships in their music. Many of their songs deal with the pain and despair that come with the end of a relationship that was built on lies and pretense. With raw emotion and intense instrumentals, Afterdusk explores the theme of vulnerability and the fear of getting hurt in love. Their music speaks to those who have experienced the pain of failed relationships, and offers a cathartic release for those grappling with feelings of despair and hopelessness. With their unique sound and powerful lyrics, Afterdusk is a band that is sure to resonate with fans of metalcore music who crave emotional depth and authenticity in their music.

Afterdusk is:

Matt Boykin - Vocals
Corey Mcleod - Bass
Chris Rivera - Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Griffin - Drums

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