This is: Surrounder

This is: Surrounder
Surrounder live @ The Handlebar (2023)


Genre: Punk, Grunge Rock, Art-Punk, Freak Folk
Hometown: Pensacola, FL 

You thought punk was just three chords and some snarling? Think again, my friends. Surrounder is an art-punk band from Pensacola, FL that's not afraid to mix things up. They've got heavy prog rock, folk-punk, and indie influences, unconventional song structures, and lyrics that'll make your brain spin. This isn't your grandma's punk rock! If you're looking for a band that's pushing the boundaries and doing something truly different, Surrounder is definitely worth a listen.

Surrounder is:

Ty Cummings - Guitar and Vocals
Carrie Rogers - Vocals
Elise - Drums

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