Happy New Year! The January Show Calendar Is Out!

Let's get this party started!

Happy New Year! The January Show Calendar Is Out!
January 2023 Show Calendar
Thank you to The Handlebar for sponsoring this months show calendar!

Hello 2024!

Twenty-twenty-three was a big one for our scene. Memorable shows, epic festivals, new releases, new bands and new friends. We have a feeling this next year is going to be even better and to start it off on the right foot, we present you with the first Show Calendar of 2024 - now available at some of our favorite establishments. Go get one today! They're free!

Show Calendar Pickup Points:

January 2023 Show Calendar - Inside Page
January 2023 Show Calendar - Inside Page

This months featured artist is Alex Carr of the Biloxi based metalcore outfit NVSN. If you've had the privilege of catching one of their live shows, you know they bring the fury. They recently performed at The Handlebar with I Set My Friends On Fire, Sink In and Brainburn. You can read the full review of that show at the link below:

I Set My Friends On Fire Heats Up The Handlebar With A Fiery Lineup In Pensacola
Pensacola’s music scene recently witnessed an electrifying spectacle as the iconic band I Set My Friends On Fire took the stage at The Handlebar with an impressive lineup that included Sink In, NVSN, and Brainburn. This show was destined to be an unforgettable experience.
This is: NVSN
NVSN Genres: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore Hometown: Biloxi, MS NVSN, is the stunning dynamic of a hard alternative rock vibe with an elasticity towards the heavy romance of hip-hop. The band’s delicacy of encompassing multi genres very meticulously in order to implement the most infectious hooks possible is absolutely insatiable. The

Think Scene First

This month also concludes Scene Pensacola's first year as an organization whose sole mission and purpose in life is to shine a spotlight on, lift up and help the local music and arts community. We are a misfit band of music and art lovers with a likeminded affinity for all the incredible talent that exists right here all around us.

Scene Pensacola booth with Support Your Scene lanyard in foreground.
Thank you for Supporting Your Scene

On the inside of this months calendar, we decided to reserve some space to pen a personal love letter to each and every one of you. Those we met at shows and festivals, those that came across and picked up one of our Show Calendars, and those that regularly use and rely on our Band Directory, Show Calendar and all our subscribers to our Weekly Show Alerts and Around The Scene emails. Thank you for your kind words, your passion and most importantly, for supporting your scene.

Dear Scene,

A love letter, from us to you.
Here's to another fantastic year of music, art, culture and mosh pits. See you out there!
Do you want your business included as a pickup point for the Scene Pensacola Show Calendar? Contact Us, and we'll drop off the latest ones each month, and include your business' name, location and a link to your website in our list of friends!