This is: NVSN

This is: NVSN
NVSN band


Genres: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore
Hometown: Biloxi, MS

NVSN, is the stunning dynamic of a hard alternative rock vibe with an elasticity towards the heavy romance of hip-hop. The band’s delicacy of encompassing multi genres very meticulously in order to implement the most infectious hooks possible is absolutely insatiable. The group weaves together a musical journey for their fans highlighted by it’s vivacious music and meaningful lyrics. NVSN blazes a trail of love, tragedy, dreams and despair, all through tapping into the universal emotions we all experience in or day to day lives. The band’s unwavering appetite for the creation of a brighter tomorrow is forever encapsulated into their music.

The artists successfully built a foundation of prosperity from 2022 to 2023, quickly elevating their artistic creations to illustrious levels. Following the momentum of their single The End, their self-titled EP delivered massive hits such as F.Y.E. and Distress, undeniably showcasing the band's artistic evolution, marking a bold transition into the darker and more powerful realm of their musical prowess.

NVSN, featuring the exceptional quintet of Alex Carr on vocals and Kevin Migues on guitar, David Kersey on guitar, Chase Wilson on bass and Randy Thompson on drums, takes live performances to a new level, igniting passions that captivate audiences and professionals alike. Based in Biloxi, MS, NVSN boasts an extensive tour history that spans the entire eastern U.S. NVSN is poised to embark on preproduction in 2024 which is set to be the band's most fervent and prominent release to date.

In April 2022, NVSN made their festival debut at CRP Fest XX alongside Three Doors Down, Seether, Nonpoint, Badflower and many more!

NVSN has garnered national attention through hard work, dedication and badass music.

NVSN is:
Alex Carr - Vocals
Kevin Migues - Guitar/ Vocals
David Kersey - Guitar/ Vocals
Chase Wilson - Bass/ Vocals
Randy Thompson - Drums

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