This is: Brainburn

This is: Brainburn


Genre: Metalcore, Hardcore, Deathcore
Hometown: Orange Beach, AL

Founded in 2023, Brainburn is a Metalcore band based out of Orange Beach, Alabama. Influenced by renowned acts like Disembodied, Car Bomb, Sylosis, Kublai Khan, Guilt Trip, and Chamber, Brainburn has developed a dark and aggressive sound with a strong emphasis on groove. Key components of their music are down-tuned guitars, screamed vocals, and intense lyrical themes, often relating to current events.

In May 2023, the band debuted their two-song Spring Demonstration and upon its release quickly gained traction in the scene, with numerous shows scheduled from July onward around several southeastern states.

Brainburn are:
Will Halverson - Drums
Jacob McDaniel - Guitar
Ty Lahey - Bass/Vocals
Gavin Fuller - Vocals

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Disembodied, Chamber, Knocked Loose, Guilt Trip, Orthodox, Boundaries

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