This is: Slow Degrade

This is: Slow Degrade
Slow Degrade 

Slow Degrade

Genre: Alternative, Shoegaze, Grunge
Hometown: Mobile, AL

Slow Degrade is a band formed by Shane Prickett in early 2022. The band pushes the threshold of Alternative Rock to its limits by combining familiar sounds from genres like metal, shoegaze, grunge, post-hardcore, and nu metal

Modown are:
Shane Prickett - Vocals
Andre Finley - Guitar
Riley Sears - Bass
Michael Nabors - Drums

You'll be hooked on Slow Degrade if you're also into:
Whirr, Trauma Ray, Gleemer, and Downward

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Capstan, Afterdusk, and Slow Degrade Kick Off The Handlebar’s First Show Of The Year
The Handlebar kicks off the year featuring Orlando’s post-hardcore champs Capstan, supported by local acts Afterdusk and Slow Degrade.