Scene Pensacola Staff Pick's Playlist - October 2023

Find out what the Scene Pensacola staff have been listening to in heavy rotation this month!

Scene Pensacola Staff Pick's Playlist - October 2023
The Chodes Live @ The Handlebar

Are you tired of the perpetual musical loop, where the airwaves are haunted by the eternal presence of Drake and the relentless grip of Avenge Sevenfold? Fear not, for we have traversed the darkest corners of the sonic abyss to unearth the spookiest and most contagiously bewitching melodies. Our team has been spinning these enchanting enchantments so frequently that even our flora has taken to swaying with an otherworldly groove. These spectral tunes are guaranteed to have you dancing with the spirits in no time. So recline in your crypt, relax, and allow our coven of staff sorcerers to enchant your playlist with a transformation it so desperately craves!

Without further delay, here's our picks for October 2023 that'll make your ears and heart happy! Links to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube at the bottom. Add them to your library, and get fresh updates every month!

Andy Hudson (Editor/Site Wizard)

Currently Listening To:
1. Marilyn Manson & Sneaker Pimps - Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
2. Michael Jackson - Is It Scary?
3. JT Music - Join Us For A Bite
4. Ramones - Pet Sematary
5. Robbie Williams - Angels

"This month, I put together a playlist of songs that I think are perfect for spooky season, but instead of your played out Monster Mash style hits, I thought I'd compile a list of some lesser known tracks, that I think are criminally underrated. Back in the 90's, the soundtrack that accompanied the movie Spawn was chock full of badass tracks, and remixes. I picked Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, but the Kirk Hammet/Orbital track Satan was a close second choice. Also back in the 90's, Michael Jackson released a short film called Ghosts, which was somewhat of a spiritual successor to the Thriller video, and in my opinion WAY better. But not a lot of people have ever seen it, which is a travesty. Highly recommend looking it up on YouTube. From that short film, I included Is It Scary from the Blood On The Dance Floor EP. I never played Five Nights at Freddies, but the song Join Us For A Bite is both catchy, and dark. And I love it. I also threw Pet Sematary from the Ramones on here, which I always thought had clever lyrics. Lastly, I picked Angels by Robbie Williams, which is not spooky at all. But I was recently in Munich, and got to experience Oktoberfest, and for some reason, this was the most popular song, and everyone knew the words. Odd choice, but great track nonetheless. Happy haunts everyone!"

Moth Edge (Editor/Music Hunter)

Currently Listening To:
1. Rezurex - Dia de los Muertos
2. The Damned - Thrill Kill
3. Nekromantix- Trick or Treat
4. AFI - Halloween
5. Ellise - Nightmares

"For this Halloween I've been diving into so much psychobilly and post punk.. SO for a Halloween playlist I tossed in Rezurex, Nekromantix, and old school AFI with a little sprinkle of The Damned and Ellise's Nightmares! Our staff pick's is unfortunately too limited to choose all of my Halloween favs but these are top tier!"

Tandra Smith (Social Media Director)

Currently Listening To:
1. Type O Negative- All Hallows Eve
2. Type O Negative - Halloween In Heaven
3. Motionless In White - Werewolf
4. Rihanna - Disturbia
5. Sam Smith / Kim Petras - Unholy

Richard NaVarre (Man About Town)

Currently Listening To:
1. Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare
2. Black Sabbath - Crazy Train
3. Eagles - Witchy Woman
4. Rocky Horror - Time Warp
5. Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper

"As this month is known for the weird, bizarre and freaky...I've put my list together based upon classics from my (dare I date myself?) earlier years of rock and roll discovery. I've seen Alice Cooper 3 times in my life, all were top notch pure Alice and his macabre entourage of ghouls, demons and the like. Alice can put on a stage show like few can. His Welcome To My Nightmare became a theme that signified all hallows eve was soon approaching. And of course who doesn't love a little Ozzy at this time of year? Crazy train, a song about losing it completely in a world of confusion, exemplifies Black Sabbath's devotion to insanity and heavy, hard rock. I realize Witchy Woman isn't the most fitting song on my list this month, however in my life I've met many could easily scare the daylights out of you! They were witches of some sort..foe sho! Normally, this time of year I'd be listening to Thriller by Michael Jackson, but I found an unopened DVD of the Rocky Horror Picture show at a thrift store and just had to buy it for .99! This year the entire movie will play at my place...LOUD! Finally, Blue Oyster Cult..(remember them?) rounds out my Playlist with Don't Fear The Reaper. I mean, what more classic, gruesome image can you conjure in your crazy train brain mind? Be safe this year, watch out for those kiddos all lookin spooky and scarey while they eagerly bolt from house to house collecting that which keeps modern dentistry in business. ....Beatman out!"

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So, there you have it - the Scene Pensacola Staff Pick's playlist! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do... and if you don't, well... we can't be friends. Just kidding! (Kind of.)

🗣️ What songs have you been listening to lately? Let us know in the comments below!