Staff Pick's Playlist - March 2024

Find out what the Scene Pensacola staff have been listening to in heavy rotation this month!

Staff Pick's Playlist - March 2024
Scene Pensacola Staff Pick's Playlist for March 2024

Feeling weary of your usual playlists? Fret not, for we're embarking on a journey into uncharted territories – delving deep into our personal playlists this spring. Our team of music enthusiasts has discovered melodies so enchanting that even our hearts are dancing in tune. These tunes are a guaranteed pathway to musical euphoria. So, pop in those ear buds, take a walk in the park, and let our playlist wizards work their magic on your music collection, giving it the delightful transformation it craves!

Without further delay, here are our springtime selections for March 2024, ready to serenade your senses and awaken your spirit! You can find the links to our curated playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube below. Add them to your library and revel in the harmonious melodies with fresh updates each month!

Andy Hudson (Editor/Site Wizard)

Currently Listening To:
1. Dropkick Murphys - Fields Of Athenry
2. GRLwood - The Rent
3. Rise Above - Savannah
4. Karen Dio - Sick Ride
5. Dead Allies - Someone

"This month I start my list off with a favorite punk rendition of traditional Irish tune Fields Of Athenry, a track that is always on my St. Patrick's Day playlist. I've also included tracks from GRLwood, Rise Above and Karen Dio all of whom I recently discovered and am obsessed with. Last but not least is a track from Dead Allies called Someone. These guys are based out of Niceville, FL and their latest release is SO good. If you're a fan of catchy, well written alternative rock and riffy guitars, give them a listen and check out their just released new album Heavy Words. Look out for our full review coming soon!"

Moth Edge (Editor/Music Hunter)

Currently Listening To:
1. ERRA - Blue Reverie
2. A Scent Like Wolves - Sunscape
3. Windwaker- SIRENS
4. Before I Turn - Reanimate
5. Secret & Whisper - XOXOXO

"This month, I've been blown away by the flood of incredible new releases, making it challenging to keep up with the sheer volume of phenomenal music hitting the scene. ERRA, A Scent Like Wolves, and Before I Turn have all delivered mind-blowing albums or singles that I can't stop listening to. Recently stumbling upon Windwaker after catching their name on a tour list with Invent Animate, I was instantly hooked on SIRENS. And while my final pick isn't a recent release, I'm hopeful that with the resurgence of bands reuniting for tours, I'll manifest the return of Secret & Whisper. Here's to keeping the music alive and anticipating what's to come!"

Tandra Smith (Social Media Director)

Currently Listening To:
1. The Plot In You - Forgotten
2. MISSIO - Aztec Death Whistle
3. Billy Joel - Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
4. IRONTOM - Be Bold Like Elijah
5. I Prevail - FWYTYK

"Well this month was quite random. Forgotten by The Plot In You hasn't left my brain since I heard it last month, and neither has their new release, which I'm sure will make my playlist next month. MISSIO's newest single has only gotten me more hyped for their upcoming album release. It's probably my favorite song out of all five this month, because I'm obsessed with this group that can seamlessly blend notes of EDM, rock and more song after song. Finally, we round my list with the rediscovery of some bangers that I liked at first listen, but hadn't listened to a while!"

CJ Rodriguez (Contributor)

Currently Listening To:
1. Destroy Boys - Shadow
2. Mr. Gnome - Sun Drugged
3. IDLES - Heel/Heal
4. Spose - Any Mintue
5. The Decemberists - The Burial Ground

"Some bands have popped back onto my playlist this month with fresh albums, reigniting my love for their classic and new sounds. Mr. Gnome always finds a spot on my playlist, and as spring comes around, Sun Drugged keeps playing in my head, despite its deeper themes. Destroy Boys dropped three new singles this month, and I've fallen hard for all of them, especially Shadow, which hooked me right away. IDLES are back with a new album, and even though they're trying out a different vibe, I still connect with the raw energy of their older sound in Heel/Heal. Spose is a go-to for me, fitting whatever mood I'm in, and his latest album has a darker edge to it. Lastly, The Decemberists' latest release, The Burial Ground, feels like a haunting Irish ballad, making it a fitting addition as we wave goodbye to March with our carefully crafted monthly playlist."

Richard NaVarre (Man About Town)

Currently Listening To:
1. Joe Bonamassa - Just Got Paid
2. Clutch - Quick Death In Texas
3. Miranda Lambert - Something Bad
4. Jared Dawes - Fighter Boy
5. Molly Hatchet - Dreams

"I'm all over the place this month listening to a variety of artists from a spread of genre's. As I recently caught Joe Bonamassa's show at The Saenger, been tuned in to Joe, his band and collaborations with Beth Hart.
Clutch makes my list this month as preparation for the May 12th show at Vinyl will be, I'm sure, a monster performance. After Jared Dawes graced our city a months back, I've really lived his original stuff like Fighter Boy. I'm learning to play the full version of Dreams I'll Never See by Molly Hatchet, a near 8 minutes of instrumental mayhem! Enjoy!"



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So, there you have it - the Scene Pensacola Staff Pick's playlist! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do... and if you don't, well... we can't be friends. Just kidding! (Kind of.)

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