Sleeping with Sirens Serenades South Alabama Fans at Recent Show

Scene veterans Sleeping With Sirens play to a crowd of 1200 fans along with Mobile's own Empty Hands and Los Angeles based M.A.G.S.

Sleeping with Sirens Serenades South Alabama Fans at Recent Show
Sleeping With Sirens at Soul Kitchen May 17, 2023.

Sleeping with Sirens in Alabama? Say it ain't so.

The award-winning rock band from Florida, but currently based in Oregon, played in Mobile for the first time last month on May 17 at Soul Kitchen Music Hall. The show was the second stop in the band's "Family Tree Tour", which included a modest amount of shows including a festival appearance at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach, Florida.

You didn't even have to be near the venue on May 17 to tell that the energy was off the charts. Lines snaked around downtown Mobile buildings to get into the show even as the openers, Mobile-based Empty Hands, began to perform. Several people from the venue and the band's team came out multiple times to check the line, surprised each time they checked on how the line was flowing.

Drinks were flowing and merch was flying off the shelves as Buffalo-bred and Los Angeles-based artist M.A.G.S. then took the stage. The name is a moniker for Marijuana and Good Sex, lead singer Elliot Douglas eagerly told the crowd, which earned him quite a few chuckles.

After a set that ended much too quickly, Sleeping with Sirens took the stage. Opening with "Tally It Up, Settle the Score", it was evident that their purpose was to make sure nobody left with their hearing intact.

It wasn't all ear splitting music, though. The band did slow it down at several points, performing acoustic versions of songs they're known for, like "With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear" and a cover of "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Lead vocalist Kellin Quinn made it a point to thank the crowd of around 1,200 for coming, while also lamenting that they shouldn't have taken so long to perform in the area.

"We'll be back Mobile, we promise!" Quinn exclaimed before launching into their last song, "If You Can't Hang".

We certainly hope Sleeping With Sirens returns to the area, sooner rather than later. Ninety minutes was not nearly enough.

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