This is: Dead Allies

This is: Dead Allies
Dead Allies

Dead Allies

Genre: Punk, Alternative Rock, Pop Punk
Hometown: Niceville, FL

Dead Allies is an alternative rock band based in Northwest Florida. Comprised of Samuel McClead on lead vocals and guitar, and James Cameron Smith on drums and secondary vocals. Sam and James have over 10 years of shared stage time, and their influences shine through in more ways than one. Compared to the sounds of Foo Fighters, Bowling for Soup, Blink-182, Simple Plan and more, Dead Allies was formed in 2020. Their debut album "Weathered Hearts" was released in April 2022 on all streaming platforms. Shortly thereafter, Javan Garza of Zero House Pro helped propel them forward by utilizing his filmmaking experience and skills to curate top-of-the-line music videos. Their next album, "Heavy Words" is set to release in 2023 with a hard-hitting new, but familiar sound. Dead Allies is a passionate work that Sam and James have poured themselves into and hope to continue to share their stories through music for the rest of their lives.

Dead Allies are:
Samuel McClead - Guitar, Vocals
James Cameron Smith - Drums, Vocals

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