Check Out Scene Pensacola's YouTube Channel!

Coming with videos straight out the scene, we'd like to introduce you to the official Scene Pensacola YouTube Channel, and the team behind it.

Check Out Scene Pensacola's YouTube Channel!
Scene Pensacola recording The Autumn Descent playing live at The Handlebar January 2024

Scene On TV

Experience live show recordings, artist spotlights, and interviews capturing the essence of the scene. Our YouTube channel has been around from the start, albeit with minimal activity initially as we prioritized articles, our website, and other social media channels. However, this year marks a significant shift as our dedicated production team, brimming with talent and passion, takes the helm, allowing us to actualize our vision like never before.

Scene Pensacola
Scene Pensacola is an independent publication launched in 2023 dedicated to shining a light on and documenting the Pensacola and Gulf Coast Music and Arts scenes. Learn more about Scene Pensacola, lookup bands in our Band Directory and see all the upcoming live music and events happening in the region on our Show Calendar at Sign up for Weekly Show Alerts at #supportyourscene

Check Out Our YouTube Channel Here!

We've completely revamped our channel, and the team have been producing content and expanding our video offerings with plans to expand it even further with more band/artist interviews, more show footage, and original content we'll be announcing soon!

Meet The Team: Tim Schaffer

You may have seen Audio/Video Producer extraordinaire Tim Schaffer at various shows, wielding his camera and audio gear like weapons, his sole mission: to capture the experience of being there. He can often be found weaving in and out of mosh pits, trying to frame the perfect shot and documenting all the magic. When not filming, he's often editing gigabytes of footage, perfecting every last frame like a mad scientist.

Tim Schaffer, Scene Pensacola's Audio/Video Producer
Tim Schaffer, Audio/Video Producer for Scene Pensacola.

You may also know him from his podcasts The Inside Byte or Nerds On Tap, or maybe conducting street interviews with people outside shows. He brings years of experience in producing visual content, and his passion for music and the local scene made him the perfect fit in joining Scene Pensacola and leading our video production efforts.

The Inside Byte
Welcome to my gaming channel. If you have any request don’t hesitate to ask!

Check out one of Tim's recent videos shot at The Handlebar featuring Feed Lemon, Jumping The Gun, Wild Charge, Marigold's Apprentice and Nervous Pulp:

Feed Lemon, Jumping The Gun, Wild Charge, Marigold's Apprentice & Nervous Pulp at The Handlebar

In addition to filming on location, we've also begun filming interviews and other content at a studio in Downtown Pensacola. We have lots of plans and ideas for this space, so stay tuned!

Travis from Wildcharge with Tim in the Scene Pensacola studio.
Travis from Wild Charge in the studio with Scene Pensacola.

We want to use our platform to bring the artists and the fans closer together, and shine a spotlight on all the talent that exists here so even more people can get to know them. If you're in a band, or a local artist and want to come down and chat hang at the studio, contact us for a possible feature!

Meet The Team: Deadly Jeffery

Deadly Jeffery
Deadly Jeffery, the newest addition to Scene Pensacola's video production team.

Also joining the Scene Pensacola production staff is none other than the pink devil himself, Deadly Jeffery. You may know him, or have seen his pink skull and green mohawk at a Dead Devils show or randomly around the scene. He may have even approached you on the street and insisted on an interview made up of the weirdest questions you've ever heard. Either way, you'll be seeing a lot more of him on our YouTube channel in a future series that will be different than anything you've seen before. We can promise you that.

So head over to the Scene Pensacola YouTube Channel, subscribe and stay updated on all the content coming straight out of your scene! And if you see Tim or Deadly Jeffery out at a show, say hi and you may just end up on our YouTube channel too!

Check out some of our latest videos below:

In the studio with Dead Allies

Scream Out Loud, The Autumn Descent, Losing Cadence & GLSNR at The Handlebar

Philharmonik, Gibberish850, Nightshade & Infernal Racket at Subculture

Dayseeker and Silverstein at Vinyl Music Hall