This is: pennybomb

This is: pennybomb
pennybomb band photo

Genres: Alternative Rock, Bedroom Pop, Indie Pop
Hometown: Biloxi, Mississippi

pennybomb is an explosive pop group hailing from the vibrant musical scene of south Mississippi. Comprised of Zac Wilkins, Jaron Churchwell, Kolby Rester, and Cory Dickinson, this talented group shares a lifelong passion for making music together, which began in their early teen years.

Each member embarked on their own musical journeys, honing their skills on stage and in the studio over the years before reuniting. However, their path was not without hardships and tragedy. They experienced the untimely loss of their vocalist and close friend, Marcus Baggins, during their time in the band Plastic Weekend. In early 2021, the remaining members took a break from music to heal and regroup. One year later, they emerged as pennybomb, bringing a fresh perspective on life and music, refusing to let anything hold them back.

Drawing inspiration from their rock, punk, hip-hop, and funk roots, pennybomb blends diverse elements from their musical backgrounds. Their compositions revolve around infectious pop melodies, resulting in a unique sonic experience that resonates with audiences of all tastes. From anthemic hooks to pulsating rhythms, pennybomb's songs deliver a musical explosion that captivates listeners. Driven by their unwavering dedication and creative vision, the band is committed to pushing boundaries and creating a fresh and captivating sonic journey for their fans.

Pennybomb is:
Zac Wilkins - Lead vocals / Guitar / Keys
Jaron Churchwell - Bass / Backing Vocals
Kolby Rester - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Cory Dickinson - Drums / Backing Vocals

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