Nothing More Brings 'Spirits' Tour to Mobile's Soul Kitchen

Nothing More's triumphant comeback to Mobile took place at Soul Kitchen Music Hall during their Spirits Tour on September 18 with supporting acts from Post Profit, Hyro the Hero, and Dead Poet Society.

Nothing More Brings 'Spirits' Tour to Mobile's Soul Kitchen
Nothing More performs at Mobile's Soul Kitchen on Sept. 18, 2023. (Photo: Tandra Smith)

It was a grand return to Mobile for Nothing More as they played Soul Kitchen Music Hall on their Spirits Tour on Sept. 18.

Nothing More, joined by Texas-based band Post Profit, Los Angeles-based rapper Hyro the Hero and rock band Dead Poet Society, brought a large crowd to the downtown venue, which was especially impressive for a Monday night.

Post Profit

Post Profit started off the night and literally had the ground and stage vibrating from the very first chord of their first song. The band only had around 30 minutes to play and they made sure they used every second of it.

Hyro The Hero

Following Post Profit was Hyro the Hero. If there were any questions as to why a rock band would have a rapper open for them, they were easily answered once he launched into Worst Behavior, a rap-rock infused track.

Many of Hyro's songs beautifully blended the rock and hardcore elements the crowd was familiar with and the rap elements that elevated him to star status.

By the way, it was a delight for this Black writer to see two Black lead vocalists open up for a band. It is definitely not a regular occurrence, yet it should be.

Dead Poet Society

Dead Poet Society took the stage right before Nothing More and, as usual, they were a delight to watch. From playing crowd favorites like .SALT. and newer releases like HURT, it's only a matter of time until the band is selling out venues more than they're opening.

Nothing More

Finally, after 9 p.m., Nothing More took the stage. It was Nothing More's first time back in Mobile since 2015. Jonny Hawkins (vocals) was covered in red and black paint and immediately I knew I was in for a treat.

Hawkins, flanked by the rest of the band, Mark Vollelunga (guitar), Ben Anderson (drums) and Daniel Oliver (bass), played a show that fans would certainly not forget.

The best part of the show was easily the very end, when Hawkins came down and played a drum solo as people on the barricade held up the drums, supported by Nothing More crew members.

An epic end to an epic night!

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