This is: Hopout

This is: Hopout
Alex, Tyler, and Nick of Hopout


Genre: Punk Rock, Alternative Rock,
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

The trio has been writing music together since early 2013, so the chemistry is beyond unmatched. Hopout has that vibe of musical ambiguity that makes them feel like you could watch them at a dive bar in Brookyln or hear them on the radio next to rocks biggest names. As cliche as it sounds, there is a bit of everything for everyone in Hopouts sound. Whether you favor bluesy hard rock, or more straight forward punk influenced rifts to even your more progressive atmospheric arrangements, the musical experience of the three individual members really comes together in Hopout to produce a band that is ever changing and flexible with possibilities for future music.

Hopout are:

Nick Zimmerman - Guitar, Vocals
Tyler Raihl - Bass, Vocals
Alex Gibson - Drums, Vocals

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