This is: Harrison Avenue

This is: Harrison Avenue
Harrison Avenue band playing live

Harrison Avenue

Genres: Funk, Soul, Rock
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Harrison Avenue, the soulful heartbeat of Pensacola's music scene, is a dynamic band that seamlessly blends NOLA Funk, Rock, R&B, and Soul. With a staggering 120 years of combined musical expertise, the trio of virtuosos—Jim George on drums, Steve Maples on bass, and Gene Labbé on guitar—embodies a sonic journey rooted in their passion for diverse genres. From the smoky allure of New Orleans to the gritty energy of rock, Harrison Avenue transcends genres, delivering a musical experience that resonates with both heart and soul. Whether they're grooving to funky beats or unleashing soulful melodies, Harrison Avenue's performances are a testament to the enduring power of seasoned musicianship. With a legacy of sound that spans generations, this trio is not just a band; they are a living testament to the enduring magic of music.

Harrison Avenue is:
Steve Maples-Bass, vocals
Jim George-Drums, vocals
Gene Labbé-Guitar, vocals

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Harrison Avenue Plays The Sandshaker - 3/2/23
Our local man-about-town Rich “Beatman” NaVarre reports from the Sandshaker Lounge, catching local band Harrison Avenue’s show from Pensacola Beach!