This is: Goodwin Rainer

This is: Goodwin Rainer
Goodwin Rain

Goodwin Rainer

Genre: Folk punk, Alt Country, Punk
Hometown: Mobile, AL

It’s folk punk, but not the kind you’re thinkin’ of. Goodwin Rainer’s “Damn Good Friends” is an explosive musical blend of styles rooted in country and punk with lots of bells and whistles while the lyrics explore themes of adulthood, work, gigging as a band, and the south with brutal honesty and lots of earnest harmonies from the band.

“The pressures on working-class people in Alabama are tough. The songs on Damn Good Friends reinforce something we always know but forget: rock and roll, music at large: they’re means through which working-class kids still pursue seeing the world. For many it’s the most viable path to do so. Even if the odds are stacked against them, the dream is real, and it’s only possible with Damn Good Friends.” -Nathan Marona

Goodwin Rainer are:
Adam Waddle- guitar/vocals
Perry Moran- mandolin/guitar
Dan Palmer- bass guitar
Josh Vaughn- banjo
Trey Nobles- drums
Bryce Baggett- tenor saxophone
Jake Reosti- trumpet

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