This is: Color the Void

This is: Color the Void
Color the Void

Color the Void

Genre: Indie, Alt-Rock, Post-Rock
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

They deliver an intense unflinching gaze at the soul with the poignant “On Your Mark”. Post-hardcore, post-rock, punk, and more filter into this singular style. Everything about it has a delicate balance to it for it feels at any moment the album will collapse into a thrashing, chaotic brew. It is a testament to their restraint that they never quite fully embrace that sense of pure despair. Like trying to push against the void, there is a futility here, a sense of resignation knowing that one day they will be forced to succumb to the inevitable. Lyrics feature a distinct poetry to them for they hold nothing back in their razor-sharp focus. A whole slew of influences emerges throughout the entirety of the trip. Nods to the midwestern hit of alternative rock and their ilk dominate much of the proceedings. In terms of sheer moodiness they bring to mind some of Red House Painters’ aesthetics. Even the singer proves to be a dead-ringer for early Mark Kozelek’s gentle yet introspective crooning. With the sharper, heavier side of things they bring to mind the spiky din of Squirrel Bait’s output, all the way down to that barely held-in sense of rage. Done with a great amount of sheer passion, Color The Void explores a world that feels distinctly their own with their debut album, “On Your Mark”.

Color the Void are:
Josh Berridge - Vocals and Guitar
Eric Ellison - Lead Guitar
Jeremy Davis - Drums
Chris Koontz - Bass

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