This is: Chat Holley

This is: Chat Holley
Chat Holley live at Subculture (photo by Moth)

Chat Holley

Genres: Psychedelic, Indie, Grunge
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Chat Holley is the collective work of Zack Sloan, Levi Ward, and Parker Watson. Beginning to play music together in the Florida panhandle beginning in 2019 alongside Wild Charge and Morning Trips, Zack and Levi formed the original band and would later come to include Parker on bass. All members contribute lyrics based off their own experiences that all come together to create Chat Holley's discography, which is sonically inspired by early age bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and current popular bands like Highly Suspect, Cage the Elephant, and My Chemical Romance. They tend to describe their own sound as "psychedelic grunge", a tribute to their favorite musical eras.

Chat Holley is:
Zack Sloan
Parker Watson
Levi Ward

You'll be hooked on Chat Holley if you also like:
Fever The Ghost, Highly Suspect, Cage The Elephant, Pink Floyd, and Led Zepplin

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A Night at Subculture: Tulpa, Chat Holley, and Jumping The Gun
On September 30th, Pensacola’s underground music scene shone brightly at Subculture, a beloved venue. Local acts Tulpa, Chat Holley, and Jumping The Gun wowed an intimate crowd, showcasing their diverse talents and making it a night to remember.