Attack Attack!, Traitors, Belmont And Colorblind Crush Club LA

Attack Attack! bring metalcore's aggressive spirit to Club LA in Destin.

Attack Attack!, Traitors, Belmont And Colorblind Crush Club LA
Attack Attack! live at Club LA

Music lovers, last week there was an explosive night of genre-bending performances at Club LA in Destin, FL, on June 4th. This exciting event brought together four dynamic bands, each representing their unique subgenre of the heavy music scene. The crowd was captivated by the relentless energy of Attack Attack!, the bone-crushing brutality of Traitors, the infectious melodies of Belmont, and the emotional intensity of Colorblind. Let's dive into what makes each of these bands stand out and why you shouldn't have missed this extraordinary lineup.

Colorblind - Embracing Post-Hardcore's Emotional Intensity, they hail from the Austin, TX music scene. Colorblind is a post-hardcore band that embraces raw emotion and vulnerability taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride through their set. Their music weaves intricate melodies, passionate lyrics, and explosive instrumentation, creating an intense and immersive experience tugging at your heartstrings while still delivering an unexpected punch to the gut. Colorblind's ability to combine heavy riffs with heartfelt melodies made for a compelling live performance that resonated with fans, wiping away tears before seamlessly transitioning to a soul-crushing breakdown.

Belmont is considered masterclass in easycore's infectious melodies. For those seeking a catchy, upbeat sound without sacrificing the punch of heavy music, Belmont is a band to watch. Combining pop-punk sensibilities with hardcore undertones, this Chicago-based outfit has carved out a unique space within the easycore subgenre. With their infectious hooks, melodic harmonies, heavy chugs, and high-octane live performance, Belmont had the crowd jumping, singing, and moshing along to their anthemic tunes.

Traitors unleashed pure sludgey-deathcore fury at the show. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Traitors are synonymous with the bone-crushing brutality of deathcore. Their relentless aggression, blistering guitar riffs, and guttural vocals combine to create an atmosphere of sheer intensity. I'm not sure if the crowd was prepared for a sonic assault as Traitors took the stage, but they left no doubt about their place in the pantheon of heavy music's most relentless acts as the attendees broke out into a wall of slam dancing and push mobs throughout their set.

Attack Attack! revived metalcore's aggressive spirit. Known for their relentless energy and infectious blend of metalcore and electronic elements, Attack Attack! rose to prominence in the late 2000s. With their aggressive breakdowns, soaring choruses, and dynamic stage presence, this Ohio-based band redefined the metalcore scene with their infamous "Crabcore" battle stances throughout their songs. Even after a brief hiatus, Attack Attack! returned in 2021 with a refreshed lineup, ready to reignite their fiery sound and invigorate fans with their electrifying live performance.