This is: Analog Missionary

This is: Analog Missionary
Analog Missionary

Analog Missionary

Genres: Dream Prog
Hometown: Silverhill, AL

Analog Missionary is a Dream Prog band from the Southern USA. Utilizing atypical instrumentation (such as theremin, Chapman Stick, Dumbek, WaveDrum and cello) and world-music influences, they have released 3 full-length albums: Transmitter, the soundtrack for the 1920's silent film classic Nosferatu (entitled Voyage of the Demeter), and ARC.

The band has developed a vast, multi-layered, cinematic sound that sweeps from grandiose movements of intense power to calmer moments of emotive introspection. Their sound has been characterized as sultry, acoustically complex, sonically textured, and eclectic art-rock.

Analog Missionary is:
anstrom - vox/percussion/cello/theremin
Tony Novak - bass, Chapman Stick, Keyboards,
Kevin Kaiser - guitar
Mark Christianson - drums/keys/guitar

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