This is: Troubled Waters

This is: Troubled Waters
Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters

Genre: Classic Rock, Country
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

What happens when you mix powerful soul vocals with blues influenced guitar, hard rocking bass and drums, the slight understanding of jazz (don't tell anyone) and an 18-year-old keyboard player? Well, you get options for one...lots of cool ideas...oh and also Troubled Waters! Bring a life jacket, there's Troubled Waters ahead!

Based out of the Panhandle of Florida, Troubled Waters flowed from many rivers and streams to form into the band they are today. Josh Page, lead guitarist and vocalist, began his journey in the south Alabama town of Andalusia where he started playing in bands at age 16. He studied the blues of Clapton and SRV; and the southern Rock of Skynyrd and CCR. Later he shifted focus to learning harmony vocal styles from the Stanley Brothers to the Eagles and then was drawn to lead vocal artists such as Joe Cocker. After college, Josh discovered his passion for writing songs. He enjoyed capturing the emotion of any situation (light or heavy) and finding the words to transform that feeling into music. Josh was introduced to an incredible singer, Jessica Walker, at a show he was playing in 2010. The two hit it off immediately and formed a band that was widely known in the area. Their tight vocal harmony and humorous stage presence really captivated an audience. In 2013, Josh moved to Birmingham, AL where he played in various bands honing his skills in country, classic, and 80s rock. Three years later, Josh moved to Pensacola, FL and fell in love with the local music scene. Josh met Jack Canaday, drummer, while auditioning for another band. The two had an instant musical connection. Jack, also a songwriter, worked with Josh on his originals and soon a unique style of music was formed combining Josh's southern roots with Jack's foot on the gas energy. Meanwhile, Josh and Jessica had started back performing together and found that their chemistry was even stronger. Troubled Waters was born. Through many months of searching for the perfect fit, Drew Gossett and David Reid joined the band as bassist and keyboardist respectively and Troubled Waters became a five-piece family.

Troubled Waters are:
Josh Page
Jessica Walker
Jack Canaday
Drew Gossett
Jeremy Ball

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