The Remedy Rocks The Malibu Lounge

Fort Walton's The Remedy leaves their mark at Pensacola's Malibu Lounge.

The Remedy Rocks The Malibu Lounge
The Remedy on stage at Malibu Lounge.

THE REMEDY, a four piece band out of Fort Walton gave a great performance at The Malibu Lounge, Saturday July 1st. You can tell when a seasoned cover band takes the stage. The look of confidence on the faces of these pros tells a story of years of experience, heartache, cancelled shows and bad weather. Now in their 4th year as a band (and that's saying a lot these days) The Remedy showed up in force.

Classic rock permeated The Malibu Lounge that night. A few notable numbers performed where "Knocking On Heaven's Door", "Pride and Joy", and a very unique version of "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" that included some tasty rock licks from lead man Josh Martin. The harmonies were spot on as the band performed "Fire On The Mountain". "Turn The Page" turned a few heads while Remedy displayed their prowess as the pros they are.

As the night progressed, we were all treated to The Remedy's version of "VooDoo Chile". I've not heard an upper tempo cut of this particular song but I must say they pulled it off quite well. Brent Bledsoe's timing and playing acumen were crucial, keeping the beat steady, and tossing in some tasty chops all along the way..."Thanks for the drum lesson Brent!"

As The Beatman had other bands to see that night, I departed around 11pm but made myself a mental, and physical note to catch these men again next time they breeze through the Pensacola area music scene. You should too! Definitely a band to see, especially if you enjoy classic rock.

The Remedy Is:

Lance Marshall - guitar/vocals
Josh Martin - lead guitar/vocals
John Ashley - bass guitar/vocals
Brent Bledsoe - drums/vocals.

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