This is: The Gypsy Kid Band

This is: The Gypsy Kid Band
The Gypsy Kid Band

The Gypsy Kid Band

Genre: Psychedelic, Blues, Rock
Hometown: Biloxi, MS

The Gypsy Kid Band was formed and created by Cody Denning in 2015, Cody playing the downtown Nashville area received the nick name "The Gypsy Kid" and felt it was a good fit. he then went on to establish the name. In 2019 releasing Headspace EP. Playing a wide range of venues in the southern USA Cody released demos of the songs Momma and Nefelibata. Cody remained focused on a new album. In January 2023 the Black Groove album was released. Cody would then go to find Eric Boutwell who joined the band to play bass guitar and sing back up vocals. Eric skills on bass add funky aspect to the sound. Eric brought with him drummer Sam Martinez. Sam felling natural adding his own groovy vibes to the mix. With the collective talent on board, The band immediately began performing, refining and writing new material. quickly gaining support, followers and fans The bands success grows by the day on their quest to create a patch of rock and roll that becomes a monument of time.

The Gypsy Kid Band are:
Cody Denning
Eric Boutwell
Sam Martinez

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