Staff Pick's Playlist - November 2023

Find out what the Scene Pensacola staff have been listening to in heavy rotation this month!

Staff Pick's Playlist - November 2023
Our Staff Picks for November 2023!

Are you just absolutely thrilled with the never-ending strum of Staind and the undying reign of Miley Cyrus on the airwaves? Can't get enough of that musical ecstasy? Well, fear not, because we've boldly gone where no one asked us to – into the depths of our own daily playlists. Our team of musical explorers has unearthed tunes so catchy that even our cobwebs on the ceiling have joined the dance party. These jams are practically a one-way ticket to a musical nirvana. So, kick back in your, relax, and let our team of playlist sorcerers give your music collection the magical makeover it never knew it needed while you're still in recovery from your Thanksgiving food coma!

Without further delay, here's our picks for November 2023 that'll make your ears and heart happy! Links to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube at the bottom. Add them to your library, and get fresh updates every month!

Andy Hudson (Editor/Site Wizard)

Currently Listening To:
1. Joey Valance & Brae - PUNK TACTICS
2. Paramore & Wet Leg - C'est Comme Ca
3. Rise Up Lights - You Know Who You Are
4. Blink 182 - DANCE WITH ME
5. Sum 41 - Landmines

"This month I'm starting off with Joey Valance & Brae with PUNK ROCK TACTICS. This track actually came out in 2022, but I'm late to the party with their retro inspired Beastie Boys vibes. Next, I recently listened to the accompanying album to Paramore's This Is Why, known as Re: This Is Why. A reimagining of the tracks on the original album with guest covers. The Wet Leg cover of C'est Comme Ca is amazing. A nod to local Pensacola emo outfit Rise Up Lights, if you haven't heard their new track You Know Who You Are, you need to. Blink-182's latest album is a damn masterpiece, but their track DANCE WITH ME is probably my favorite. I didn't care for it at first, but now I can't get it out of my head. And lastly, I finally got around to checking out Landmines by Sum 41 which was just released in September and it is an instant classic. Gonna miss them when they finally hang it up in 2024."

Moth Edge (Editor/Music Hunter)

Currently Listening To:
1. Still Stayer - Tunnel Vision
2. Blueshift - Faint Light
3. Neverbloom - Departure
4. Straight Shot Home - Reminisce
5. Imminence - Temptation

"This month my playlist leans heavy into the realm of progressive metalcore, featuring tracks from bands like Blueshift, Still Stayer, Neverbloom, Straight Shot Home, and Imminence. Picture a musical adventure where guitar riffs pack a punch like a superhero on caffeine, and vocals command attention with the force of a motivational speaker in beast mode. These tunes are straight fire tracks and I just haven't been able to stop listening. Someone get me out of this progressive metalcore phase because I keep getting stuck in it! "

Tandra Smith (Social Media Director)

Currently Listening To:
1. Sleep Token - Alkaline
2. Corpse/Bring Me The Horizon - CODE MISTAKE
3. Sleep Token - Rain
4. Lil Yachty - YAE Energy
5. TX2 - Sex Sells (Hard)

"This month was about continuing my Sleep Token obsession, as well as listening to some favorites that were released earlier this year or even years ago. TX2 is rising quickly throughout the scene and already has quite a few festivals lined up for next year. His music is unapologetically cocky, but not without calling attention to various issues going on in the scene (grooming) and around the world (homophobia, being closeted, etc.) I can't wait to see what will make it to my playlist next year as we round out 2023"

Richard NaVarre (Man About Town)

Currently Listening To:
1. Big and Rich - Save A Horse Ride a Cowboy
2. KT Tunstall - Black Horse And A Cherry Tree
3. Jason Aldean- My Kind of Party
4. David Lee Murphy- Dust On The Bottle
5. Dwight Yokum - Fast As You

"As I recently joined with a country band, I've been listening to a variety of country artists which include Dallas Moore, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Big and Rich, Miranda Lambert and many others. Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy by Big and Rich tops my Playlist. Since I'm playing high energy country, this one deserves high mention. Once this song starts playing, people get up and move their fanny.
Black Horse And A Cherry Tree by Trick Pony is another fun number that always gets folks movin on the dance floor and makes #2 on my list. Jason Aldean's My kind of party is the 3rd song on my Playlist this month. I love how he combines rock influences with country flair wand a bit of blues mixed in. #4 Dust On The Bottle is another catchy, move your booty type tune. David Lee Murphy lends his progressive country style to this popular dance number. Fast As You, by Dwight Yokum is my 5th, and final pick for this month. Though it's a much older number, people love it and always want to dance!!"

David Longval (Contributor)

Currently Listening To:
1. Periphery - Catching Fire
2. Silent Planet - Anunnaki
3. Johnny Booth - The Ladder
4. ProlificTruth - Let 'Em Know
5. Vagrants - You Still Linger

"Periphery's Catching Fire is such a sing-a-long song, it's got the catchiest chorus and it just puts me in a great mood. Also, the lyrical content is amazing and the way the words are delivered pull at your heart strings. It's both beautiful and heavy at the same time. Silent Planet continues to impress me. I'll always be hyped on new Silent Planet music. As a former vocalist/screamer I am a huge fan of other vocalists and Garrett is always at the top of my list of favorite vocalists, the things he does with his voice are just amazing, from the spoken word, to the low growls, he just does it right every time. Johnny Booth will also probably show up on my list a lot, their riffs are incredible and the tone they bring for a post-hardcore band is top notch. Their ability to weave multiple genres into a song blows me away and how they do it so seamlessly will make any music lover a fan. Also, as I said about Garret, Andrew of Johnny Booth is a phenomenal vocalist. He ranks in my top 10 vocalists by far, the clean singing compliments so well too. Trust me, check them out! Prolific is a mix of Denzel Curry, Juice WRLD and Notorious BIG. He is still a developing artist, he's learning more about the industry and getting into the studio to perfect his sound. Give this kid a chance and jump on board now because he is guaranteed to blow up. He deserves your attention. This song is very catchy, you'll find yourself singing along to the chorus hours after listening. When I first moved to Florida I found out about Vagrants, I've been a fan ever since. I love the energy in this song, it's in your face right from the start and takes you on this wild journey. With beautiful singing and screaming, crushing drums, pulverizing guitars and bass, you'll love this song too."

Tim Schaffer (Audio/Video Producer)

Currently Listening To:
1. Silverstein - The Altar/Mary
2. Denzel Curry - Walkin
3. The Starting Line - Photography
4. Taking Back Sunday - Suburban Home / I Like Food
5. Above & Beyond - Love Is Not Enough

"Silverstein's transition to one of their hardest tracks into an emotional melodic chorus gives me chills every time. Denzel Curry is quickly becoming one of my favorite hip hop artists and this track has the power to instantly gain millions of fans once it hits their eardrums. Photography is a classic Pop-Punk ballad you can’t help but sing along to. The TBS songs are just some classic Descendents punk-angst covers. Love Is Not Enough will open your mind to the religious experience."

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So, there you have it - the Scene Pensacola Staff Pick's playlist! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do... and if you don't, well... we can't be friends. Just kidding! (Kind of.)

🗣️ What songs have you been listening to lately? Let us know in the comments below!