Staff Pick's Playlist - June 2024

Find out what the Scene Pensacola staff have been listening to in heavy rotation this month!

Staff Pick's Playlist - June 2024
June 2024 staff pick's playlist

Feeling tired of your usual playlists? No worries, because we're about to embark on a fresh musical adventure this June 2024! Our team of music aficionados has unearthed tracks so captivating that they'll have your heart dancing to the beat. These songs promise to lead you to a state of musical bliss. So, pop in those earbuds, take a stroll through the springtime blooms, and let our playlist maestros work their magic on your music collection, giving it the refreshing update it deserves!

Without further ado, here are our top picks for June 2024, ready to serenade your senses and lift your spirits! You can find links to our curated playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube below. Add them to your library and enjoy the harmonious melodies, with fresh updates each month!

Andy Hudson (Editor/Site Wizard)

Currently Listening To:
1. Sublime - Feel Like That
2. Goldfinger - Happy
3. Thesaurus Rex - I Won’t Hold My Breath
4. SOFT PLAY - Punk’s Dead
5. The Chats - Smoko

"I grew up listening to Sublime, so when the first new music in 28 years was recently released featuring vocals from the late Bradley Nowell and his son Jacob - I loved it immediately. Rounding out my list this month I bring you punk legends from the US, the UK and Australia."

Moth Edge (Editor/Music Hunter)

Currently Listening To:
1. Northlane- Clockwork
2. Invent Animate - Luna
3. Invent Animate - Shapeshifter
4. Thornhill- Where We Go When We DIe
5. Windwaker - Get Out

"This July, I'm celebrating my birthday in Tampa by seeing my all-time favorite band, Invent Animate. I've been in the top 0.1% of their listeners on Spotify every year. I'll also get to enjoy performances by Northlane, Thornhill, and Windwaker. Take this as my way of letting you all be part of my concert experience coming up."

CJ Rodriguez (Contributor)

Currently Listening To:
1. MC Chris - Pizza Butt
2. The Interrupters - She Got Arrested
3. The Interrupters - She's Kerosene
4. Little Foot - Can't Kill Myself Today
5. illuminati hotties - frequent letdown

"This month's playlist was likely influenced by the demands of my day job, needing something with enough energy to get me pumped. Whenever MC Chris comes on, I can't help but reminisce about his last show at the Vinyl—such high energy that it puts me right back in that zone with "Pizza Butt". Then The Interrupters always manage to get me moving, despite their somewhat dark lyrics in "She Got Arrested" and "She's Kerosene", their music just oozes with infectious energy. Little Foot popped up on a recommended playlist, and I keep revisiting "Can't Kill Myself Today" whenever I'm feeling stressed. Similarly, illuminati hotties' "frequent letdown" has this upbeat vibe masking a deeper, more somber message. It's like my reminder to keep pushing forward, even when I'm screaming internally."

Tim Schaffer (Audio/Video Producer)

Currently Listening To:
1. Unwritten Law - Get Up
2. AFI - The Days of the Phoenix
3. Yellowcard - For You, and Your Denial
4. From Autumn to Ashes - Let’s Have a War
5. Angels & Airwaves - No More Guns

"I recently been on a punk rock kick for the 8000th time here lately so figured I’d share some of my all time favorites in this pocket."

Richard NaVarre (Man About Town)

Currently Listening To:
1. Pink Floyd - Seamus
2. Gary Wright - Dream Weaver
3. Jason Aldean - Johnny Cash
4. Sade - Smooth Operator
5. Seal - Kiss from a rose

"Wow! Am I all over the place or what? This month I'll listen to practically anything searching XM radio for alternative choices like Joe Bonamassa, or Cake, or perhaps Echo and The Bunny men? Yep...all over the place. Was catching some Herbie Hancock at the shop the other day. ...led me to Stan Brubeck and some Earl Klugh jazz from the 70s and 80s. Who knows what The Beatman will listen to next!"

Brian Butler (Contributor)

Currently Listening To:
1. REM - Begin the Begin
2. Twenty One Pilots - Overcompensate
3. Brittany Howard - Prove it to You
4. Jim White - Bluebird
5. Lucero - Smoke

"REM's induction into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame has one of my favorite bands back in heavy rotation. Twenty One Pilots and Brittany Howard both have new albums I'm loving. Jim White a lot because of the write-up. And Lucero is always somewhere in the mix especially in the driving playlist so I can scream along "



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So, there you have it - the Scene Pensacola Staff Pick's playlist! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do... and if you don't, well... we can't be friends. Just kidding! (Kind of.)

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