This is: Lasento

This is: Lasento
Trey Hall of Lasento


Genre: Emo Revival, Grunge, Alternative
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Lasento is a grunge/emo band from Pensacola with a heavy focus on mental health struggles and awareness. The project was formed in 2020 when Trey Hall picked up guitar and songwriting during the COVID pandemic and began writing music with cousin and drummer of Blind Tiger, Michael Sudduth. Lasento writes music about their own mental health struggles in the hopes of spreading the message that no one is suffering alone, and that we're all in this crazy life together. The project draws from a variety of influences including Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace, and Bring Me The Horizon to deliver everything from scream heavy metal tracks to acoustic piano ballads, all threaded together with grunge simplicity and raw emotion.

Lasento are:
Trey Hall - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Michael Sudduth - Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar, Vocals

You'll be hooked on Lasento if you also like:
Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace, Bring Me the Horizon

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