This is: Hane McLeaish

This is: Hane McLeaish
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Hane McLeaish

Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Folk
Hometown: Pensacola, FL

I am a singer-songwriter reared, raised and writing in the American south. I’ve dedicated the last 20 years to finding myself through and through in songwriting. Music helps me connect to others and feel less lonesome in a place that can, at times, feel desolate. Music is my action—creating spaces where love, loss, and life intersect for everyone.

I've had the pleasure of growing up and working with analog guru Jon Atkinson at Bigtone Records, for the release of a few singles and EP entitled Unplugged. My current work also includes a pop remix, Matching PJ’s & Coffee Cups, produced by Faithe.

Since the release of these projects, I’ve been privileged to continue development and growth in my voice and sound, and begin new projects with Fabio Arauz of Fresco Recording Services and Sean Peterson of Pensacola Mastering.

It’s an Incredible honor to be opening for talents like Grace Pettis, Sarah Christine, Edie Carey, Hussy Hicks, Kristy Lee, Brian Pounds and more throughout my career. As a guest participant at the Pensacola Beach Songwriter Festival, I’ve opened for legends including Larry Cordle, Jerry Salley, Steven Dale Jones, Dana Hunt Black, Don Sampson and Jim Brown, and contemporaries like Teea Goans, Grace Morrison, and Song Dillon. Most recently I’ve had unbelievable opportunities to learn from industry powerhouses like Andrea Stolpe and Wendy Parr, and work with niche instructors like Andrew Hann.

The artistry I have found in myself isn't only about making music; I do my best to be about being a difference. We all have the option to be actionists rather than an activists in each movement and conversation. We can all begin again through self-love and convert that to creative advocacy. Gratefully, music is my most powerful form of action, a platform to offer alternative perspectives that are relatable to all, no matter their background.

Whether you're falling in love, finding god, breaking up, or simply trying to understand the human experience, you’ll find yourself in my songs. And that's why I do what I do..

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