This is: Casket Case

This is: Casket Case
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Casket Case

Genres: Alternative Rock, Indie, Grunge
Hometown: Panama City Beach, FL

They are a group of three high school students who formed a rock band in the
Summer of 2023. They met in their high school classes and bonded quickly over our shared love of rock music. More specifically, they have been influenced and
inspired by the pioneering rock and roll bands of the 60's and 70's like Led
, Pink Floyd and ACDC to the hair metal bands of the 80's like Motley Crue, Guns N Roses and Van Halen to the great rock and roll bands of today like The Pretty Reckless, My Chemical Romance and Greta Van Fleet. They hope to create our own spin on the guitar heavy music that they love.

Money Spent is their first single. Driven by the profound lyrics and searing
vocals of 17 year old bassist and singer Jacqueline Gillespie, it captures the
economic uncertainty and disillusionment with the political establishment that
has come to typify Gen Z. The driving and catchy guitar of 15 year old
Everett Marwood and dynamic and energetic drumming of 17 year old Jacoby Gupta anchor the heartfelt vocals in a distinctly edgy and modern rock and roll
sound. We hope you will join them on their journey to become one of the next great rock and roll bands.

Casket Case:
Everett Marwood
Jacoby Gupta
Jacqueline Gillespie

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