The 20-Year Journey of Glory Of This and the Legacy of Adoration

Dive into the history of Glory Of This as they celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their album Adoration. Explore their impact on the post-hardcore scene, their evolution through The Lover, The Liar, The Ruse, and the excitement of their reunion show at The Handlebar.

The 20-Year Journey of Glory Of This and the Legacy of Adoration
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Imagine this: it’s early 2004, maybe late 2003. Pensacola's music scene is thriving with pop-punk, street punk, ska, grunge, and heavy metal bands. These were the days before bands like Silverstein, Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, Chiodos, Underoath, and The Chariot were nationally known, playing small venues to crowds of 20 or 30 teens. Emo, post-hardcore, screamo, metalcore—whatever you want to call it back then—wasn't the established genre it is today.

I was born into the punk and pop-punk scene, attending shows on Friday and Saturday nights at The Daily Grind on Palafox St, Van Gogh’s on Wright St (now End Of The Line Cafe), and Sluggos on Cervantes. I was the kind of person who was comfortable starting mosh pits or skanking like an idiot at ska shows.

One night, I headed down to Van Gogh’s to see a local band that one of my bands had shared the stage with on a few occasions opening for another local band called Glory Of This, which I had neither seen nor heard of before. Little did I know, I was about to be introduced to a new kind of music with its own unique culture and community.

At punk shows, we linked arms with buddies or random concert-goers and moshed around having fun. But at this show, everyone stood in a wide circle. I remember thinking, "What in the world is happening?" Then the band started playing, and I understood. The crowd didn't mosh; the band did, and you stayed back, or else you risked getting slapped in the face by a flailing bass guitar. This was also the first time I saw people two-stepping and throwing down.

Little did I know that 20 years later, this music would still be a staple in my daily shuffle.

Some of you that keep up to date are aware but those of you who are not, Glory Of This is emerging from retirement for a 20-year reunion show. Mark your calendars for July 20th at The Handlebar, where the legendary Pensacola band will take the stage once more, joined by their friends Across Five Aprils and Scream Out Loud. This highly anticipated event promises to be a celebration of the band's remarkable journey, filled with memories, emotion, and the undeniable energy that made Glory Of This a beloved name in the music scene and an inspiration for the gulf coast's future in post-hardcore/melodic metalcore. This band set the bar high and for people like me, was my first exposure to what this music even was. So let's jump in.

20TH Anniversary show flyer July 20th 2024
20TH Anniversary show flyer July 20th 2024

2003 - The Beginning of Glory Of This

Glory Of This original band member lineup
Glory Of This original band member lineup

In the vibrant local music scene of Pensacola/Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a unique story was unfolding. It was 2003, and a group of passionate musicians, each hailing from different bands like Cogito and Rising on Ashes, found themselves at a crossroads. These bands had often shared stages and fans, but fate, with its quirky sense of humor, had other plans. All these bands disbanded around the same time, leaving their members searching for a new direction.

The seeds of what would become Glory Of This were planted at Warped Tour 2003 in Jacksonville, Florida. James Harrah(GOT vocalist) met Cory Seals(GOT Rhythm guitar and lead guitar after 2006) there, and they bonded over their mutual love for music. They decided to give it a shot and play music that truly resonated with them. On September 18, 2003, they gathered for their first practice session with John Wingate(GOT lead guitarist), Corey Gilliard (GOT bassist), and Jay Cole (GOT drummer), aiming high with a goal: to make it to Warped Tour 2004.

Initially called "I Am No Hero," the band soon decided on a more fitting name. They chose "Glory Of This," inspired by a song title from their original E.P. This name encapsulated their spirit of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. Their music drew from an eclectic mix of influences, ranging from classic rock and 80s hair metal to bands like Killswitch Engage, Poison the Well, and Thrice. This blend of inspirations gave them a unique sound that resonated with their growing fanbase.

Determined to make their mark, the band strategically played a show at Vito’s Pizzeria in Valdosta, Georgia—home turf for Indianola Records. Their energetic performance and undeniable talent earned them a record deal just 5-6 months into their journey. This rapid success was a testament to their hard work and the support from Indianola Records.


Early years of the Glory Of This band members
Early years of the Glory Of This band members

After barely being a band for 3 months, they hit the studio. Their first recording, The Longest Season, was an independently released E.P. recorded at Confirmed Productions with Dave Sands producing it in Navarre, FL and man did the 500 E.Ps sell out quickly.

This was followed by their full-length album Adoration (2004), recorded with Jeremy Staska at Studio 13. The process was intense but rewarding, pushing the band to refine their sound and explore new creative avenues. This is also the time we would see Jay Cole(drummer) step away to be replaced by Matt Rogers and Corey Gillard (bassist) be replaced by Grant Mosley.

The tracking process was rigorous and helped us explore where we had better opportunities. Example: the song More Often Than Not was a completely different song. We sat together as a band and rewrote the whole song, saving only a few pieces, and came out with something we were actually proud of. That was the summary of our Adoration session: learn new things, grow in new ways, create the sound we want to be known for. We couldn't have asked for a better place to be at that time in our lives. The studio brought out the best in who we were then. - James Harrah

Glory of This's first full album, Adoration, dropped in and quickly became a cornerstone of the early 2000s post-hardcore scene. With ten tracks, it perfectly captured the raw emotion and intense energy that defined the genre. Hits like The Fear That Gave Me Wings, Loose Lips Sink Ships, and Flip For It showcased the band's knack for blending melodic hooks with aggressive instrumentation, creating, to me atleast, a true gateway album to this trending scene that was blowing up across the nation. This album was my gateway to Glory of This, and from the moment I heard it, I was hooked by its unfiltered passion and authenticity.

Even two decades later, Adoration remains a staple in my music rotation. It's not just an album; it's a nostalgic journey back to the height of post-hardcore in 2003. The lasting impact of Adoration is a sign to its timeless quality and the significant contribution of Pensacola to the genre. Every listen, whether in the car or at home, reignites the vibrant memories of the local music scene and the blood, sweat, and tears the band's pivotal role in shaping my musical tastes. The enduring power of this album is a proud reminder of what Pensacola has brought to the birth of post-hardcore, and it continues to inspire with every play.

2004 Warp Tour: Grant Mosley (bass), Steven Cook (Merch), Chapin Helsene (tour buddy)
2004 Warp Tour: Grant Mosley (bass), Steven Cook (Merch), Chapin Helsene (tour buddy)

Warped Tour 2004 was a turning point. Selected by AP Magazine to represent the Southeast leg, Glory Of This played eight days on the prestigious tour. They shared stages with some of their idols and navigated the challenges of life on the road, living off free Monster Energy drinks and selling merchandise to fund their journey. The experience was both grueling and exhilarating, filled with unforgettable moments like drummer battles in Orlando and compliments from Funeral for a Friend.

Shortly after Warped Tour 2004, Glory Of This hit the road for a series of tours. From September 17 to September 25, they traveled with Idea of Beauty, playing shows across Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas. Then, from October 1 to October 19, they embarked on an East Coast tour with Burns Out Bright. Following that, they headed to the Midwest for a tour from October 20 to October 27 with Monday In London.

Glory Of This launched into a series of intense tours. They began with shows on the East Coast, kicking off on February 28th in Brunswick, GA, and moving through locations like Sumter, SC, Virginia Beach, VA, and Nashville, TN, among others. Teaming up with bands such as Burns Out Bright, Guff, and Outsmarting Simon, they played a mix of clubs and music centers, delivering high-energy performances that solidified their reputation.

In late spring, Glory Of This continued to tour with Guff, hitting the road from March 30th to April 7th, covering states from Louisiana to Texas and Arkansas. They took a brief respite before returning to Pensacola, FL, for a local show at The Gutter Lounge. Summer saw them back at Vans Warped Tour for dates in Orlando, FL, Charlotte, NC, and Virginia Beach, VA.

Post-Warped Tour, they joined forces with Cruiserweight and Life Before This for a southern and east coast leg, visiting cities like Newport News, VA, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Jacksonville, FL.

As fall approached, Glory Of This toured with Glasseater, Secret Lives of the Freemasons, and Across Five Aprils, playing venues across the Midwest and East Coast from August 26th to September 22nd. Notable stops included Nashville, TN, Cleveland, OH, and NYC, NY.

They wrapped up their year with a winter tour, including performances at Winterfest in Fort Walton Beach, FL, and a show in Valdosta, GA, with Calico System, Hand to Hand, and Nor Am I, marking a memorable end to a relentless touring schedule.

Behind the scenes tour 2005 shenanigans

Touring brought Glory Of This close to many bands, forging lifelong friendships with groups like Across Five Aprils and Secret Lives of the Freemasons. Their adventures included parking lot fireworks wars with A Life Once Lost and Dead to Fall, spontaneous trips to Niagara Falls, and navigating the Mojave Desert after running out of gas. These experiences, both the highs and the lows, cemented their bond as a band and created stories they would cherish forever.

Behind the scenes Glory Of This van crash 2005

2006 - End

Glory Of This 2006 era
Glory Of This 2006 era

Their sophomore album, The Lover, The Liar, The Ruse, recorded at VuDu Studios in Long Island, NY, saw the band experimenting with new sounds and atmospheric elements, marking another evolution in their musical journey. They would also see another shift in members at this time too. John Wingate(Lead Guitarist) would step away and Cory Seals would transition from Rhythm to Lead with Chino stepping in for Rhythm. Matt Rogers (drummer) would also leave around this time period paving the way for Dave Miller to join in on drums.

Glory Of This album cover 2006
Glory Of This album cover 2006

The Lover, The Liar, The Ruse marked a significant evolution in their sound while staying true to the post-hardcore roots established in their debut, Adoration. This 11-song album showcased the band's growth and maturity, delivering a more refined yet equally powerful musical experience. Tracks like Remove And Replace, Final Notice Before Suit, The Thief Will Enter, and Glass Elevator stood out for me, each one brimming with intense emotion and intricate instrumentation. The lead parts in The Thief Will Enter were particularly unforgettable—so good and catchy that they became an instant favorite.

Following their energetic 2005 touring season, Glory Of This kicked off 2006 with a powerful series of shows alongside Across Five Aprils and Cast the First Stone. Beginning on January 4th in Jacksonville, FL, they traveled through the Southeast, playing venues such as Vito's Rock N' Roll Pizza in Valdosta, GA, and New Brooklyn Tavern in Columbia, SC. This leg of the tour also saw them teaming up with Secret Lives and Classic Case for select dates, including performances in Raleigh, NC, and Charlotte, NC, before wrapping up in Marietta, GA, on January 15th.

In May 2006, Glory Of This joined forces with Four Letter Lie (Victory Records) for a West Coast and Southwest tour. They started in Fresno, CA, on May 17th and hit major stops like Anaheim's Chain Reaction and The Real Bar in Tempe, AZ. After a brief break, they continued through Texas, concluding this leg at The Wired Java Cafe in Cypress, TX, on May 25th. The band then returned to their hometown for Phoenix Fest in Pensacola, FL, on May 27th, delivering a standout performance that was eagerly anticipated by local fans.

Glory Of This and Four Letter Lie
Glory Of This and Four Letter Lie

June brought another round of touring with Across Five Aprils and Phoenix Mourning (Metal Blade). Glory Of This headed to the East Coast, starting with a show at Club Relevant in Virginia Beach, VA, on June 23rd. They continued to Middletown, NY, at Molly McGuire's on June 25th and ended this leg of the tour in Kingston, PA, at Backstage Enterprises on June 26th. These performances solidified their presence in the post-hardcore scene and further built their dedicated fan base.

Glory Of This after winning 2006 Independent News Music Awards Best Artist award.
Glory Of This after winning 2006 Independent News Music Awards Best Artist award.

Like many bands, Glory Of This experienced lineup changes throughout the last year. In At the end of 2006 members left to pursue other paths, but the spirit of the band endured until 2007 when Glory Of This would finally dissolve. They played their final reunion show in 2008, leaving a lasting impact on their fans and the music scene. The deaths of members Chino and Cory were profound losses, making the idea of a full reunion seem impossible.

A Reunion of Heart and Tribute

Glory Of This 2024
Glory Of This 2024

As the 20th anniversary of Adoration approached, the idea of a reunion show resurfaced. Encouraged by friends and the desire to honor past members, the band reunited with new and former members for one last performance. This reunion will be more than just a show; it will be a celebration of their journey, a tribute to lost friends, and a final embrace of the music and community that had defined them.

Where are the band members at today?

-James Harrah lives in Dallas with his wife Kasia and three kids working for AT&T the last 15 years.
-Dave Miller lives in Pensacola with his fiancé Brooke, is the head bartender at Union Public House and enjoys fishing and spending time outdoors.
-Grant Mosely lives in Las Vegas with his wife Meagan and their two kids working as an ER tech.
-John Wingate was living in Jacksonville, FL visiting his kids and works as an independent game developer.
-Matt Rogers lives in Defuniak Springs, FL and is a Middle School art teacher and owns his own handyman shop.
-Corey Gilliard lives in Navarre, FL is a tattoo artist and still plays bass in a band called Exformation.
-Blake Jones lives in Pensacola, FL and is a renowned photographer and award winner beverage director.
-Nicholas Giberson is the Education & Training Manager for Reuzel, plays synth in YNICORNS, produces/makes beats in DMPSY, play bass in Blight.
-Shane Curle lives in Destin, FL with his wife Alicia and kids and is a full-time musician playing guitar and singing around the Gulf Coast.

A Final Message

Glory Of This invites everyone to join them for their final show, a night to lose yourself in the music, reconnect with old friends, and celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and creativity. It's a one-time event, a final haymaker, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who believed in them. So, get ready to stretch, take your Motrin, and put your inserts into your shoes—let’s have one last night of glory.

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Jam out to the official Glory Of This, Across Five Aprils, and Scream Out Loud playlist! See you all at the show


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